Austin Texas Photo Art is a fusion of the artistic mediums of photography and graphic art. Monica Moreno Brewer has 20 plus years of experience in graphic art and design. Monica grew up in Mexico City and graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico with a degree in Graphic Design. Her husband, Paul “Bear” Brewer grew up in Houston, Texas and graduated from Rice University. Paul is a photographer with a keen eye for capturing beauty in photo form. Monica and Paul both share a love for travel and a love for the Arts. The two have managed to combine their shared loves and individual talents into a unique art form, which appeals to a broad range of art collectors. Moreno-Brewer works hang in collections on three continents. The popularity of their collaborative work is not difficult to explain. Paul’s photos offer local flavor from cities all over the world, including: Austin, Paris, Mexico City, London, New York, Venice, Milan, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, Grenada, Naples, Positano, Sorrento, Prague, Tangiers, Madrid, San Francisco, Geneva  and a host of others. Monica’s style infuses vibrant color and free flowing forms into Paul’s photographs. The net result is an art form that straddles the border between abstract and realism and melds the worlds of photography and graphic art.